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HBS-CES Medium Load

Raised Bridge Length with 2 HBS Bases 1-5/8" H-132 Pre-Galv. Steel Channel

The HBS-CES-Medium Rooftop Supports can support natural gas and refrigeration piping systems, cable tray, electrical conduit, multiple lines, HVAC equipment and many other applications. They are designed for rooftop applications requiring a heavier load bearing capacity, and are suitable for most types of roofing material or other flat surfaces.

Specifications: HBS-CES Rooftop Supports

Two H-Block bases with:
1-5/8" H-132 Strut, or
3-1/4" H-132-A back-to-back Strut

Material: 100% recycled rubber, UV resistant

H-Block Safety Orange Rooftop Support

H-Block Safety Orange Rooftop Support