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Channel Strut Specifications


H-STRUT channels are manufactured by a series of forming dies, or rolls, which progressively cold work the strip steel into the desired channel configuration. This method produces a cross section of uniform dimensions within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.015", on outside dimensions.


H-STRUT channels are produced from prime structural steel covered by the following specifications.

  • Pre-Galvanized Steel - ASTM A-653
  • Plain Steel - ASTM A-1011-04-SS
  • Aluminum (Type 6063T6) - ASTM B-221
  • Stainless Steel (Type 304 & 316) - ASTM A-240

Other materials and specification available on request.


Channel combinations of two or more elements are spot welded together to form various multiple combinations. The spot welds are spaced two or three inches on centers throughout the length of the multiple channel sections.


H-STRUT Channels are produced and stocked in 10' and 20' lengths with a tolerance of ± 1⁄8".

Other lengths are available upon request.


All H-STRUT channels are stocked in pre-galvanized and powder coated Supr-Green. Some sizes are stocked in zinc trivalent chromium, PVC or hot dipped galvanized.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized - ASTM A-123
  • Zinc Trivalent Chromium - ASTM B-633-85
  • Powder Coated Supr-Green - ASTM B-117
  • PVC Coating 40 ML Thickness - Available Upon Request

Other finishes available upon request.

Load Data

  1. When calculating load at center of span, multiply load from table by 0.5 and deflection by 0.8.
  2. When calculating beam and column loads for aluminum, multiply by 33%.
  3. Calculate Beam Load of Fabricated Channel by multiplying table figures by following factor...
    • OS = 85%,
    • OS3 = 90%,
    • KO = 82%,
    • RS (9/16" holes) = 88%,
    • RS3 (9/16" holes) = 88%,
    • RS-MOD (3/4" holes) = 85%
    • RS-MOD2 (9/16" holes) = 88%