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Heavy Duty 1400/2100 - Heavy Duty Baseboard Heater

Heavy Duty 1400/2100
Heavy Duty 1400/2100 Disection

The enclosure is packaged with everything needed for -convenient, trouble-free ordering and installation — top cover, front cover, wall brackets and element cradles. The slim, sturdy package is stackable for convenient storage and shipment as well as easy transport and handling on the job. The simplicity of design and the ready availability from stock make ordering and planning a snap. The high output fin tube element is packaged separately.

Heavy Commercial for Hot Water or Steam

Specially designed for commercial use in heavy traffic areas. Two piece 18 gauge heavy duty enclosures are finished in a precoated rust inhibiting white baked on enamel paint. Easy installation -- simply secure brackets to wall, run element and snap on enclosure.

Heavy Duty 1400/2100 ExampleHaydon’s 1400 and 2100 slope top commercial cover and fin tube are manufactured with the same top of the line “fit-and-finish” that our residential baseboard products are known for. Both the 1400 and 2100 are two-piece enclosures for ease of handling, installation and maintenance. The 1400 accommodates a single tier element while the 2100 will accommodate single or double tiers of element. The series is available in lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet along with a full line of accessories thereby assuring the contractor wide flexibility to meet job requirements without time consuming cutting or customization.


Heavy Duty 1400/2100 Fins

18 gauge cover panel with precoated rust inhibiting white baked on enamel paint.

14 gauge galvanized, die-formed wall bracket.

Galvanized, die-formed support bracket, slotted to allow 1" vertical movement for positioning/pitch adjustment.

Hanger cradle and support pin allow lateral travel to accommodate expansion and eliminate noise.

Optional knob controlled damper operates with precision lead screw and brass trunnion block for years of trouble free service.