HBM Rooftop Support With 12 Gauge Channel 1-5/8" H-132 and Threaded Rod in Pre-Galvanized Steel

  • H-Block Mini comes with1-5/8" H-132 12 gauge channel and threaded rod
  • The HBM-CE5 series is specifically designed for single pipe supporting applications.
  • It's a cost-effective method for mounting and supporting single pipe applications without losing strength and integrity.
  • -All rooftop support systems come pre-assembled for easy installation.
  • Compatible with most rooftop materials or other flat surfaces.
  • Finish: Pre-galvanized ASTM 653 steel channel & threaded rod
  • Other Finishes Available: Hot dipped galvanized ASTM A-123, Zinc trivalen chromium ASTM B-633-85, Powder coated spr-green ASTM B-117, and PVC coating 40ML thickness (available upon request only).
  • Material: 100% recycled rubber tires
  • UV resistant
  • Dampens vibrations
  • High visibility safety corners coated with ANSI orange #2535.1-1998
  • Resistant to freeze and thaw (ASTM D1171 modified)
  • ASTM D575 medthod B-modified compression/deflection testing

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Overall Height Width Base Length Weight (lbs) Uniform Load Capacity (lbs)* Safety Factor
10"-12" (254mm - 305mm) 5" (127mm) 6-5/8" (168mm) 4.0 175 2.0

* This load is only for the capacity of the components in this assembly. Consult roofing manufacturer or engineer for roof load capacity.


  • LEEDS certifiable
  • Meets the Buy American Act
  • American Reinvestment Recovery Act (A.R.R.A.)