HB-Mini Inclined Grid Series

HB-Mini Inclined Grid Series

HB-Mini Inclined Grid Series

  • H-Block Mini Inclined Condensing Grid Support Series with 1-5/8" H-132-OS-PG Main Support.
  • The HB-Mini-ICG Series is designed specifically for supporting light duty residential rooftop inclined grid systems.
  • Comes with 4 H-Block mini bases.
  • Suitable for installations of most types of roofing surfaces.
  • Roof Angle 0-4 Degrees
  • UV resistant
  • Dampens vibrations
  • High visibility safety corners coated with ANSI orange #2535.1-1998
  • Resistant to freeze and thaw (ASTM D1171 modified)
  • Modified compression/deflection testing (ASTM D575 method B)
  • All hardware required for assembly is included.
  • Rooftop support components come pre-assembled.
  • All rooftop support systems require final assembly before final application installation.
  • Instruction sheet included for every assembly required.

HB-MINI-ICG-48-36-H-132-PG - SUBMITTAL SHEET.pdf Request Quote

H-Block Mini Condensing Grid Series


Base material is 100% recycled rubber tires

Strut channel material - Pre-galvanized steel ASTM A-653-SS33 

Strut fitting material - Hot rolled steel sheet ASTM A-1011



Strut fitting finish - Electrogalvanized ASTM B-633

Other finishes available upon request.

Technical Information

HB-MINI-ICG-48-36 Inclined Condensing Grid Support Series with H-132-OS-PG Main Support

Model No. Roof Angle Min (Deg) Front Height (In) Rear Height (In) Roof Angle Max (Deg) Front Height (In) Rear Height (In) On Ground Capacity (Lbs) (At 2.0 Safety Factor*) Rooftop Penetration Capacity (Lbs) (At 5 Psi*)
HB-MINI-ICG-48-36-12-12-H-132-PG 0 10-5/16” 10-5/16” 1 10-5-16” 9-1/2" 766 328
HB-MINI-ICG-48-36-10-12-H-132-PG 2 9-15/16” 8-5/16” 3 10-5/16" 7-7/8" 766 328
HB-MINI-ICG-48-36-8-12-H-132-PG 4 9-9/16” 6-3/16” 5 9-5/16" 5-7/8" 766 328


Base Width (In) = 39-3/8"

Base Length (In) = 53-1/8"

Main Strut Length (In) = 48"

Support Strut Length (In) = 36"

*This load is only for the capacity of the components in this assembly with the support strut located at a distance 1/4 from each end of the main strut channel. For any other loading scenario, please consult the appropriate engineer. Please consult Roofing manufacturer or engineer for roof load capacity.