In 2016 Haydon saw an opportunity to host two internship programs.  It was a beneficial experience for all involved.  


Manufacturing Internship

Haydon Corporation’s internship program aspires to impart valuable manufacturing and logistics experience onto eager students. By working interchangeably with different departments from manufacturing and logistics, to material and quality control, to purchasing, and customer service, the experiences learned here will help students understand and put into practice how to run and manage a manufacturing company and its factory. Topics we delve into include:

·       Inventory Management/Cycle Count

·       Materials Inspection

·       Quality Control

·       Transportation Coordination

·       Production Scheduling

·       Plant Safety

·       Equipment Management/Lease Negotiation

Our manufacturing intern can attest to this:

“Through my internship with Haydon Corporation, I have been able to gain so much knowledge and hands-on experience in working and managing a manufacturing company. Everyone was proactive and enthusiastic to impart their knowledge onto me, and allowed me the liberty to make decisions and perform the work.  The experiences achieved here have allowed me to develop and grow in my work ethic and skills, and will definitely benefit me with my future career endeavors.”

-Theresa Vu, Manufacturing Intern, New Jersey Institute of Technology 



Accounting Internship

Haydon’s new accounting internship program is a great opportunity for college students to gain valuable accounting and business experience. The lessons learned are especially great for those who wish to one day become a company Controller or even run their own business. Even though Haydon isn’t a big accounting firm there are plenty of private accounting practices to learn within the confines of a manufacturing company, such as…

·        Cash Flow Management

·        Preparing Financial Statements

·        Cost Accounting, Standard Cost

·        Bank Reconciliations

·        A/P, A/R tasks

·        IT

·        Inventory Management

The internship also provides the opportunity to experience the entire flow of information in terms of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Step by step the student moves between departments which essentially tie the entire company together. This unique opportunity makes the accounting behind all transactions easier to understand and also develops an understanding of how each transaction will affect the rest of the business. In accounts payable you observe purchasing and receiving, then moved to vouchering and issuing checks. In accounts receivable you get see how quotes are issued and how orders are received and then processed, as well as how payments are received and then deposited in the bank.

This is what our past summer intern had to say,

“My internship at Haydon has been a truly enjoyable learning experience. Haydon and its employees have taught me an incredibly wide variety of accounting as well as business related tasks and functions within the company. The knowledge I have obtained over the last two months will most definitely help me throughout my future career.”

-Alan Koontz, Accounting Intern, Student at Montclair State University.