Be one of the first to hear about the latest at Haydon Corporation. Stay on top of new products, upcoming events and featured programs.


Be one of the first to hear about the latest at Haydon Corporation. Stay on top of new products, upcoming events and featured programs.


From the beginning of our time since 1956 we have maintained a reputation of a non-conventional company. And from day one, we have listened to our customers and have always dared to think outside the box to serve them better.

Here at Haydon, there is no such thing as a comfort zone and everyday day we strive to do more important and meaningful things for our customers so that we can highlight the Haydon difference. The perception of Haydon in the minds and hearts of our existing and prospective customers, our employees and stakeholders, has become the backbone of operations of our company. Therefore, we are now daring to take on yet another strategic approach by re-branding our identity to represent the attributes that highlight who we are as a company. We want to reiterate and ensure that we are known for our core values and the principles we believe in. But rest assured that those have not and will not change.

We will now have a refreshed, professional new look to represent the strength of our brand.

We have worked relentlessly to re-define our vision, mission, values, positioning, and finally, our company image, logo and website. Our logo is now bold type, non-italic, with a more sophisticated blue color and the most defining element: The H.

While many will perceive the H as different, we want to echo that you are completely right. The H denotes the Haydon difference that we want to make everyone aware about. It represents how Haydon is part of the blueprint of all our customers projects and how Haydon plays a great part in helping each individual customer bring their project to life by offering them custom unique metal framing solutions.

The H element is representative of a back to back welded strut channel and it intends to highlight Haydon’s commitment and our flexibility for our customers where other companies break and can’t meet their demands. We are in a commoditized market, where there’s little to no difference in products between competitors. And while we are not the largest strut manufacturer, our flexibility is an unmatched advantage that speaks volume to the unique difference we offer our customers versus our competitors.

The H is a direct expression of our agility that gives prominence to our fast thinking and quick ability to be able to adjust our strategy to overcome challenges. It denotes how dynamic we are and how we can quickly transform when our customers need us to do so.

These are a few examples of the attitude that will help us better define our message so that we not only stay relevant, but also stand out. It’s the attitude that will empower us to stay current and competitive.

Every day we vow to dream bigger, reach higher and work harder to be the #1 choice in the markets we compete in and to deliver what we promise.

Welcome to the new and improved Haydon, where we go further to get strut done!

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