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Channel Metal Framing Solutions

Strut metal framing systems that offer a unique and flexible series of metal channels and fittings designed to fill a wide variety of construction requirements.

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Innovative Rooftop Support System

A variety of exclusively designed and patented rooftop support solutions for building rooftops equipped with HVAC units, ductwork, conduit, gas or steam lines, solar racking and seismic applications mounted on roofs.

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Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Commercial and residential hydronic baseboard heating systems designed for quick and easy installation. The simple, slim and contemporary design is perfect for remodeling any room.

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Industry Expertise

Bring your project to life with us. We understand the challenges faced in projects in all industries and offer you our commitment to follow through our word to meet your expectations.

Quality Mechanical Systems to Help you Reduce Cost

Our H-Strut metal framing systems offer a unique and flexible series of metal channels and fittings designed to support HVAC units, pipes, valves & fittings, ductwork, gas or steam lines, and many other mechanical applications. H-Strut channels are best known for the flexibility in fabrication and welded combinations that help eliminate the need for any costly extra welding. Learn More


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Who We Are

Our People

Our tradition of excellence is founded on our commitment to our  coworkers and customers, and a dedication to our shared success. This  people-first culture is at the core of who we are and how we do business.  We treat all of our customers’ projects and deadlines as if they were our  own, going that extra step to ensure all orders are fulfilled on spec and on  time.

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Our Products

All of our products have complete traceability, including testing records,  ASTM certifications, and origin of materials. And most importantly, all  orders are delivered in a safe, convenient, secure way.

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Our Principles

We’re more than just a supplier. We’re a partner. And as we continue to  grow and evolve toward an even more successful future, our job will  always be to help everyone—our customers, coworkers, and vendors—  to succeed.

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Prevent movement and secure piping systems in place!

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